Woman Steals Nearly $300,000 To Buy Stuff For ‘Social Media Likes’

The police found the things that she had bought with the stolen money. Most of it was unused with the price tags attached.

A woman in China turned herself in to the police after she admitted she stole more than 2 million yuan ($290,000) from her employer to buy makeup and clothes.

However, the case of the 26-year-old unnamed woman, who works as a cashier in Wenzhou, grabbed headlines because while she embezzled the money and bought stuff for herself, she didn’t use it.

The South China Morning Post reports the woman’s “main aim was to show off displaying the items on her social media account to get more likes.”

The police found up to 1,000 lipsticks along with other items such as perfume, handbags and clothes at her home. Most of the things were unused and many even had the price tags attached.

“I just wanted to buy them when I saw beautiful pictures of lipsticks and perfume,” she was quoted as saying by the Post.

The woman, mother of a 3-year-old, was able to steal the huge amount after discovering “accounting loopholes” where she had been working for nearly four years. She was apparently addicted to online shopping and had started to place more than 10 orders a day on online.

She turned herself in only after realizing that she would never be able to pay back the amount that she had stolen.

With the advent of social media, people across the globe have started going to extreme lengths in order to receive as much praise or — to use web jargon — as many “likes” as possible. This urge to share and be appreciated often comes at the cost of one’s life. For instance, taking selfies for social media has become an actual threat to human — and, sometimes, animal — life.

Just this week, a woman in Sacramento, California, was lucky to live after she fell 60 feet off the state’s tallest bridge, the Foresthill Bridge, while dangerously posing for selfies.

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