This International Women’s Day, Chinese State Media Is Celebrating Men

A prominent Chinese state-run media outlet decided to celebrate the International Women’s Day with an incredibly sexist tweet.

A Chinese news outlet has demonstrated exactly why the world needs to celebrate International Women’s Day.

As millions of women across the world take to the streets to march for their rights or take a day off to demonstrate how valuable they are to the economy, China's Global Times — an official subsidiary of state-run People’s Daily newspaper — has decided to mark the day with an incredibly sexist tweet.


Yes, this International Women’s Day, the Chinese media wants you to celebrate men — because the rest of the 364 days just aren’t enough, right?

The reaction on social media was immediate:





Some wondered if it was a terrible attempt at satire, which it honestly doesn’t seem to be, considering China’s track record with women’s rights.





Just in case someone does not fully grasp the irony of Global Times’ tweet, this will put things into perspective:


Although the news outlet earlier posted a tweet about women overcoming obstacles, the latest post is drawing backlash. Even if it was a joke, it missed its mark, big time.

China has a history of suppressing women’s voices.

On International Women’s Day two years ago, the Chinese government detained a group of women who were trying to raise awareness about sexual harassment on public transportation. The case sparked international outrage, prompting the authorities to release the activists after a month. However, their organization was shut down.

Similarly, this year, Chinese officials suspended the Weibo account for Women’s Choices that was run by a group of female activists. The microblogging site said their posts “violated China’s relevant laws and regulations” but cited no evidence, according to the Human Rights Watch.

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