Chinese Student Beats Female Classmate For Proving Him Wrong In Class

“Even a primary school student should be expelled for school bullying, not to mention a post graduate student.”

A Chinese student was seen brutally kicking and beating his female classmate after she challenged his opinion during a debate.

The incident, which took place on a campus of Shanghai Institute of Physical Education in China, was captured on CCTV camera.

The horrifying footage shows the moment the female student was punched and pushed to the ground by her classmate who then proceeded to beat her. Apparently, the female student had proven him wrong in class. As a result the male student decided to get physical by punching his female classmate and kicking her while she was on the ground.

The female student told authorities that she didn’t have any dispute with the male student before the incident nor had she spoken to him. 

“I was walking on the road when I was suddenly hit,” said the female student.

The female student also said that she had reported the incident to the school immediately but it was only after the video went viral on social media that the school communicated with her on the matter.

The fate of the male student is in the hands of the university. The school issued a statement soon after the incident saying that the male student will be dealt with in accordance to the school’s rules and regulations. However, he apparently visited the female student in person and apologized for the brutal act.

After the video went viral on Chinese social media, many demanded the student to be expelled and jailed for assault.

The school was also contacted via the school’s Weibo account.

One user wrote: “He should be strictly penalized and get expelled by school.”

Another user commented: “That's so violent. I wouldn't dare to be this guy's roommate.”

Another user said: “Even a primary school student should be expelled for school bullying, not to mention a post graduate student. He's an adult right.”

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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