Chinese Students Go Under The Knife To Do Better In Job Interviews

“A lot of people talk about plastic surgery as something that is scary, but the actual procedure is very easy.”

The worldwide obsession with surgically enhanced beauty is increasingly becoming eerie.

Case in example: In a bid to do better in job interviews, students in China are now turning to cosmetic surgeries.

Many hospitals and clinics have seen an increase in the number of cosmetic surgery procedures just as students approach graduation. A majority of these students are said to be young women. 

According to Wang Yongan, the vice-chairman of the Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics, “About 4 million young Chinese people under 30 have gone under the knife, making up almost half the total number of people who have undergone cosmetic surgery on the mainland.”

He further added that majority of these young women hope cosmetic surgery will help them in the workplace as well as in their love lives. Wang also said that a lot of middle and high school students are influenced by the procedures as they have seen their parents undergoing the procedures.

“A lot of people talk about plastic surgery as something that is scary, but the actual procedure is very easy. This is not just to look more beautiful, but it’s more about an investment for building up a family and a career,” said an anonymous student who underwent cosmetic procedure.

The student further said that beauty is part of the battle to become a “high-value” person who people will notice.

The escalating numbers of students who turn to cosmetic procedures were revealed when a local hospital, in the northeastern city of Tianjin, held an event for college students. The event was aimed at students who were seeking alterations before entering a workplace.

Liu Xiaofei, director of plastic surgery at the Tianjin hospital, added that microsurgery such as Botox injections and minor facelifts are mostly favored among students as they are considered to be less invasive. He further explained that cosmetic surgeries not only enhance one’s facial features but also boost confidence.

The obsession might be new in China, but South Korea is known as the plastic surgery mecca of the world.

The trend with cosmetic surgeries is increasingly becoming frightening as Korean women have started looking quite similar to each other. According to a study, South Koreans have the highest rate of going under the knife worldwide. In 2012, the country earned $453 million just through tourists coming in for these procedures.

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