Chinese Teen Calls Women 'Outsider B******' On Beijing Subway

A teen who subjected two women to abuse and humiliation on a train is captured on video.

A Chinese teenager was arrested after he called two women a “bunch of outside bi***” on a Beijing subway.

In the video captured by a commuter, the 17-year-old boy, whose surname is Zhang, is insulting a pair of women for not being from Beijing and calling a woman a “smelly b****.”

The other woman asks “why are you attacking her?” according to the subtitled video on Sixth Tone, but the man instead of answering her, continues to hurl verbal abuse toward them.

The first woman then decides to call the police and it was then that the confrontation devolved into a physical fight. Zhang snatched the cell phone away from the woman, asking her, “Did I touch you? You are calling the police? Who are you calling?”

As the woman tries to get her phone back from the teen, he says, “You are getting violent? You bunch of outsiders.”

The train then stops at a station and the teen gets close to the door. The woman follows him, still trying to get her phone back, but Zhang tells the women to “take your phone and leave.” He then changes his mind and tells them, “'Get out of the train and I will give you the phone. You have five seconds.”

When the woman refuses to do so, he grabs her by the coat and pushes her out of the train.

The woman who shot the video said the fight started after the two women asked Zhang to scan a QR code so that he could follow their company, which sells healthy breakfast. She also said she didn’t dare intervene because she was afraid she might get hurt.

After the video went viral, Zhang apparently explained the incident on the microblog.

“I was standing when the two women came and asked me to scan [the QR code],” he wrote. “They insisted after I had rejected them a few times by waving my hands. In the end when the door was closing I threw the phone and pushed her out, I didn’t take the phone.”

The post was later deleted.

Even if the teenager’s explanation is true, his reaction was pretty extreme. Also, there was no call to hurl abuse at the women.

The post also sparked from netizens, some of whom claim they have experienced the same kind of prejudice.

Some users were skeptical whether the teenager himself was from Beijing because of his accent, but others have slammed the passengers on the metro who did not step in to help the two women.

"All those people and not one stepped in to help," lamented one Weibo user.

"Are these people in the metro car the same people who are so angry online about THAAD," said another?

Other commenters slammed the woman for being a nuisance to passengers by advertising their business.

“A crazy dog is a crazy dog. If you don’t touch him, he won’t bite you. This kind of QR code scanning brings no small harm to society — it’s no different from begging on the subway,” a user said.

But most users denounced the teenager’s actions.

"Why do you think you're so superior just because you were born in Beijing? Really, you are not even human!" wrote one Weibo user.

"This kid is just 17 years old, and he talks like that! Just imagine how messed up his parents are!" commented another.

“It’s a crime to push a person out of the subway car when the train is about to leave!” wrote one user.

The teenager has since been released as he is a minor, it was his first offense and he has shown remorse for it. However, the two women may land in trouble for illegally marketing their business on a metro.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Jason Lee 

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