Police In China Manage To Catch Thief — Thanks To His Smelly Feet

The burglar removed his shoes so that no one could trace him and hid under a bed upon noticing the homeowner’s arrival.


A thief's master plan failed miserably when he was caught because of a really stinky reason, literally.

The unnamed thief, who was described as a “habitual and professional” criminal from Hanshan County in China's Anhui province, entered a residential property he had planned to burglarize. He removed his shoes before entering the house so that no one could trace him with his footprints.

But, it turned out, removing the shoes actually was his biggest mistake.

After the would-be thief entered the house, the home owners also returned. The man did not have time to steal any valuables, so instead, he panicked and hid under the bed to avoid being caught.

He eventually fled the location. However, the owner noticed a foul smell and that is what eventually led the police to the robber.

The police successfully traced the thief from his own residence in the same county and arrested him, all thanks to the disgusting odor of his feet. The Hanshan county police tracked him by smelling the stench.

People on Chinese social media were amused by the failing robber’s story. They expressed their sympathies for the owner and police who had to sniff the bad odor to locate the thief. 

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Michelle Shephard

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