Toddler Tries To Scare Dog With Fire, Ends Up Burning Family Home

“My puppy disturbed me from doing homework and bit my stuff, so I picked up a lighter on the table to scare him off.”

A toddler in China was reportedly home alone with a pet dog and a lighter.

The pet dog wasn’t letting him do his work, so he tried scaring him with fire but ended up burning his family home.

The unnamed boy who was only five-year-old was all alone in his apartment on the fifth floor in Southwest China after his parents left for work. The pet dog was chewing on the toddlers belongings so he tried to scare him off and distracted him from doing his homework. So, the unattended child tried to scare away the animal with a lighter.

However, the boy accidently set the living room’s sofa on fire. As soon as he realized the sofa set burning he ran out of his house and called for help.

According to a local reporter, when he arrived the apartment firefighters had already extinguished the burning flames. Much of the furniture in the apartment was destroyed.

Thankfully, no one was hurt but the fire had spread to the flats above and below the fifth floor. The dog has since been missing.

“My puppy disturbed me from doing homework and bit my stuff, so I picked up a lighter on the table to scare him off,” said the boy.

According to reports, the boy was home alone after his parents left for work and somehow his grandparents who generally take care of their grandson in the absence of his parents weren’t in the apartment either. The report also said the house was full of cardboard and plastic bottles because the toddler’s grandmother used to recycle them to earn money.

Unattended children have often found themselves in alarming situations. Just recently, a 5-year-old boy in China miraculously survived after falling off the 19th floor. The boy was alone at home after his grandmother had stepped out of her apartment after the boy fell asleep to go to the gym that was on the ground floor.

Last year, two children were found hiding under a bus carriage after reportedly traveling for 50 miles from a rural village in search of their parents who work in the neighboring province of Guangdong.

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