Chinese Tourists Warned To Be Extra Careful While Visiting The US

“Social security in the [United] States is not satisfactory. Shootings, robbery, theft happen frequently,” the Chinese Embassy said in its statement.

The Chinese Embassy in the United States is apparently so concerned with the growing epidemic of gun violence and police brutality across the country it reportedly issued a warning to tourists planning to visit the U.S. for holidays, asking them to be extra vigilant during their trip.

It’s quite alarming, given that Chinese tourists are fifth highest on the list of visitors to the U.S. after Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and Japan. According to the Department of Commerce, nearly 3 million people from the Asian country visited the U.S. last year alone.

“Social security in the [United] States is not satisfactory. Shootings, robbery, theft happen frequently,” the embassy said in its statement. “Be aware of suspicious people around you and avoid going out alone at night.”

It also encouraged tourists to get appropriate travel and health insurance since medical treatment is rather expensive in the U.S.

The notice also reminded the tourists arguing with border patrol agents at custom points “won’t help” and “will only make things worse.”

“A U.S. visa does not guarantee you have the right to enter the country,” Beijing's foreign office added. “Law enforcers at the customs [desks] have the ultimate power to decide.”

While the embassy informed tourists that law enforcement officials were allowed to search their bags, electronic devices and even vehicles, it also explained border control officer cannot ask for visitor’s bank accounts or ask them to transfer funds into another account.

Moreover, the would-be-visitors were also told the local emergency service, 911, provides a Chinese-language service.

While these guidelines appear necessary, they are also unfortunately painting a rather bleak picture of the United States.

The increase in mass shootings along with the sharp uptick in the instances of racism and hate crimes appear to be making the country a rather unsafe place to visit, which is extremely concerning for the U.S.’ current status as one of the top ten best countries in the world in terms of economy, citizenship and quality of life.

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