This Chinese Town Has 39 Identical Twins And No One Knows Why

The Chinese village seems to be extremely blessed since it has as many as 39 pairs of twins, and nobody can understand why.

Visit Jiangjin village in Chongqin, China, and you're likely to have some deja vu while meeting the locals.

The village recently came into the spotlight for a rather rare reason. Among the 367 families residing there, there are around 39 sets of twins. While the eldest pair is 89-years-old, the youngest right now are 9 months old.

Identical Twins

Chinese Town

People are baffled and cannot understand the reason behind this rare occurrence. Whether it is something in the air, water or food the villagers consume, or something totally unrelated, these people seem happy with having so many look-alikes walking around amongst them. In China, twins are considered to be a blessing, especially if it is a boy-girl pair. 

Interestingly, this trend is not only significant among humans in the village, but also in chickens. Yes, you read that right. Even the chickens in Jiangjin have been laying double yolk eggs.

While doctors have reached the conclusion that the “twin phenomena” here may be evident due to easier access to fertility drugs and treatment, people around the world are understandably baffled at what’s going on.

Chinese Village

Apparently, the chances of one having twins is higher if they or their maternal grandmother had a twin brother or sister. Research suggests that only 1 in 285 people are likely to be twins.

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