Chinese Woman Offered Herself As A Human Target

A young, Chinese woman offered strangers an opportunity to shoot her with an arrow in order to raise money for her ailing sister’s leukemia treatment.

This woman took the phrase “sisterly love" to a whole new level.

On Monday in Hangzhou, China, Ji Jianli stood in front of a sign that read “human target” and allowed strangers walking by to shoot her with an arrow in order to raise money for her sister’s cancer treatments.

Jianli also wrote out her bank account and AliPay information on a white sign in front of her according to Oferator.

When asked by the media why she was publicly offering herself as a human target, Jianli said that she was desperately attempting to raise money for her 22-year-old sister’s treatment for acute leukemia, according to Mashable.

The cancer treatment would cost the Jianli family $76,000 which is equivalent to 500,000 yuan.

Jianli hoped to receive many donations from brave citizens willing to shoot her with an arrow. On one of the signs, she wrote that to shoot her with an arrow would cost 10 yuan, which is $1.50 per arrow.

Jianli had previously set up an area in China to offer herself as a human target for others, but she was unsuccessful until Monday when her story went viral and several donations were made to the Jianli family for their cancer fund.

This young lady offering her own pain and human sacrifice for her sister made us wonder how far any of us would go for our siblings or family members.  

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @CapaMagENG

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