Chinese Cell Phone Thief Sends Victim 6 Pages Of All Her Contacts

The woman sent out a text message to her old number, asking for her contacts. Two days later, she received a package from an unknown sender.


Is this the world's most considerate cell phone thief?

In a bizarre turn of events, a victim of phone theft in China received an unlikely package from the thief.

The incident occurred last month in Liaoning province’s Dandong when a thief reportedly snatched a woman's phone from her bag.

The woman then sent a text message to her old number, asking for all her contacts' details. She even offered money to the thief and provided her personal contact details.

Two days later, she received a package containing at least six pages listing all her phone contacts.

Upon receiving the parcel, the woman reported the theft to the police. After CCTV footage of the area was examined and the thief was eventually caught.

South China Morning Post reports the woman's unusual story received negative reaction from internet users.

One person commented: "The problem could be that no thief in the future will send back any information to the owners of lost property."

Another user made a similar remark, saying maybe thieves might not be so considerate with anyone in the future: “It depends on luck. However, you’ll lose any luck in the future once you use the burglar’s conscience to put him under arrest.”

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