Chinese Woman Sells Her Baby To Child Traffickers To Buy Makeup

The woman sold her 19-month-old daughter to two child traffickers. 20 hours later she informed the police about the missing baby so no one would suspect her.


A woman in China reportedly sold her baby to child traffickers because she wanted money for shopping.

Yes, you read that correct.

In an utterly disturbing display of everything that opposes motherhood, a Chinese mother, identified only as Yu, sold her 19-months-old baby daughter to two child traffickers. She was later reportedly found buying cosmetics with the amount in the afternoon.

On May 20, 2018, Yu reportedly travelled with her daughter Huahua, to Zhengzhou of Henen Province where she sold her baby to two suspected human traffickers at the railway station before noon.

The suspected child traffickers were identified with their surnames Wie and Li.

The traffickers and the mother were tracked down and arrested by the local authorities. The suspects are now being investigated for child trafficking.

In an attempt to make no one suspect her of the merciless crime, Yu went to the police and claimed her daughter went missing from a train station. She made up the fabricated story 20 hours after selling the baby.

However, Yu’s fabricated story is what got her into trouble.

The police started investigating the matter, and discovered a transaction of 50,000 yuan ($7,800) was made in her bank account on the same day she reported the case.

After the police questioned Yu intensely, she admitted she made a false case about her missing daughter so that her family wouldn’t suspect her of the crime.

The police ordered the shameless woman to contact Wie and Li and ask for the baby.

She called them and this time they wanted 10,000 yuans ($1,559) for returning Huahua. Yu agreed and when they met, the Zhengzhou police barged in to rescue the baby girl.

Wei and Li were both arrested and detained on suspicion of trafficking a child. Meanwhile, Yu was arrested under article 240 of criminal law in China for planning to sell her daughter to human traffickers.

Later, the police officers called on Huahua’s father to pick up her daughter. “Be good in the cell, I will bring our child to pick you up when you are released from jail,” he told his unashamed wife.

Child trafficking remains a serious problem in China. Most children under the age of 6 are sold with the consent of their families, who want to put the children up for adoption to earn money. Youngsters aged between 14 and 18 are mainly girls and are usually sold into prostitution.

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