Chinese Woman Sends Living Husband To Morgue Thinking He Died

“This is the third such case I’ve seen since I got into this business,” said the manager of the funeral company.

A Chinese woman in the city of Shiyan in the central Hubei province thought her husband, Huang, was dead and sent him to the morgue. But something completely unexpected happened.

Huang was suffering from last stages of cancer and the hospital released him in critical condition so that he could spend time with his family. His family had spent a lot on his treatment after he was diagnosed with the disease in November.

After Huang’s wife found her husband motionless, she thought he had passed away and reportedly called a funeral service to take the body. “My husband didn’t make it through the night,” the report quoted her as telling the undertaker.

However, Huang was still alive, and this shocking discovery was made by the funeral parlor while they were preparing his body. When they checked for his pulse, they realized he was still alive. The company called for help, but it was already too late and he breathed his last in the morgue.

Many countries follow strict laws when it comes to pronouncing a person dead, however, China doesn’t have such laws. According to the funeral company, many people who reach the morgue are actually alive, especially those who belong to the rural communities.

“This is the third such case I’ve seen since I got into this business,” said the manager of the funeral company that took Huang’s body.

“When relatives find a loved one apparently not breathing and their body stiff and cold, it’s easy to assume they’re dead,” the man, surnamed Ren, said.

“But one should still perform the necessary medical examinations to check their heartbeat, blood pressure and pulse.”

The funeral company waived charges after telling Huang’s wife what had happened, considering their financial situation.

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