Light Bulb-Eating Social Media Star Prompts Safety Concerns In China

A middle-aged woman who has become extremely popular on Chinese social media claims her hobby is to eat things other people can’t.

A 45-year-old woman, known on social media as "Sister Feng eats everything," has been filmed eating a number of weird objects on a Chinese video app.

Even though all her videos have been removed from social media, images of her stunts still remain on Weibo. The police believe some of her acts are staged with the help of props, but nonetheless, have launched an investigation after a video of her eating eels, worms, a goldfish and even a light bulb surfaced on the internet.

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China Woman

Bulb Glass eating woman

Sister Feng has around a 110,000 followers on Weibo and has posted more than 30 videos of herself consuming various odd objects. Ever since then, she has become extremely popular among the Chinese population.

One of the bizarre videos she posted online showed her stuffing her nose with over a dozen lit cigarettes. As her videos gain increasing attention, the stunts she pulls off are becoming even more outrageous, which is why the police decided to step in.

Chinese Woman

China Woman

Officer Cao Yuyang is looking into the case, and even though Sister Feng claims her videos are filmed by her nephew, he has said that they are in fact filmed by her own 24-year-old son.

'Before recording the eating cactus video, the cactus thorns were cut with scissors before she started recording the video,” the officer said.

“She then chewed the cactus and put it under her tongue pretending to swallow which made it look like she had eaten the object,” he added, depicting that most of her videos are a hoax.

While her videos now cannot be found on social media, as they have been removed by Chinese authorities, police warned people not to try any of the stunts at home.

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