Woman 'Stays Afloat In Sea' For 38 Hours After Falling From Cruise

The miraculous story of a Chinese woman who fell from a cruise ship and survived for nearly 40 hours is making waves across the world.


Chinese Olympian Fu Yuanhui won hearts across her home country when she gave an incredibly honest and adorable interview after qualifying for the final of the women’s 100m backstroke at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio.

But China has a new favorite swimmer and she is not an Olympian. In fact, she is not even an athlete.

A woman from Shanghai, identified only by her surname Fan, has shocked and impressed people all over the world after staying afloat and surviving at sea for 38 hours.

Fan was reportedly on a five-day cruise, traveling with her parents from Shanghai to South Korea and Japan, on the Royal Caribbean cruise line. She fell from the fourth deck on Aug. 10, while “leaning over a 1.4-meter rail and gazing into the sea.”

A rescue team of 100 people, including her parents, set out to find her but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Fan drifted at sea with nothing to eat or drink. She even fell asleep for some time. She was rescued by a fishing boat on Aug. 12.

The 31-year-old, who learned to swim in kindergarten and has been described as a “good swimmer” by her father, was found in good health with some minor injuries.

The BBC reports Fan’s story has sparked a flurry of admiration on Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo.

"She didn't eat and drink at sea for 38 hours and she survived? That's a miracle," said one user.

“She should join the Olympics,” wrote another.

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