Chinese Woman’s Passport Defaced With ‘F--- You’ At Vietnam Border

A disgruntled Vietnamese border official is suspected of writing a derogatory message in a woman’s passport who was visiting the country from China.

Obscenities were allegedly written on a Chinese woman’s passport while she was visiting Vietnam, according to Mashable.

Apparently, the border official who was letting the woman through wrote “f**k you” on two pages of her passport. 

He wrote it across a map that China began printing in its passports back in 2012.

The map sparks fury among people in Southeast Asia because it outlines a large area of the South China Sea that China claims.

However, Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, don’t recognize China’s ownership of the area and have already staked their claim on it.

When China first rolled out their new passport design with the map, Vietnam filed a formal complaint to Beijing, but negotiations between the two countries have not resulted in a consensus as of yet.

Because of this border official’s unprofessional and crass actions, the woman’s passport is now invalid and she must have it replaced upon returning to China.

This is not the first incident in which the Vietnamese expressed their objection to China’s passports. They have reportedly refused to stamp the passports in the past and instead began distributing a separate visa for Chinese citizens entering their country.

Vietnam is not alone in its feelings about China’s self-proclaimed reign over the sea. The Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Taiwan have all been in a tug-of-war with China over a group of islands and the surrounding waters.

While most of the territories have been allocated among the different countries, China insists that a large portion of the sea belongs to them.

Unfortunately for the civilian traveler who had her passport defaced, she was caught in the crossfire of a conflict that she has no power to resolve.  

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Stefano Rellandini

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