McDonald’s Worker In China Scoops Snow From Ground To Make A Drink

The restaurant manager claims the ice was used just for cleaning purposes because the fast food chain was running out of water.

A customer at McDonald’s in Hunan, China, was outraged, and rightly so, after filming a worker doing something really disgusting.

The uniformed female worker was caught on video picking up dirty snow from the ground before stuffing it in a blender jug. She then walked inside the fast food restaurant’s kitchen and poured all the snow in a bucket marked “for ice.”

She can also be seen stirring the snow in a red bucket with a long spatula.

The patron, identified only as Mr. Chao, observed the worker going outside, scooping snow in a similar manner before finally entering the kitchen four times. The fifth time he decided to make a video. Chao believes the dirty snow was used for making drinks, because his friends fell sick after having their meals that day.

He did not, however, personally witness the worker making drinks with the water from melted snow.

The restaurant manager also denies Chao’s claim, saying the worker was using the defrosted water for cleaning purposes because there was no running water in the restaurant that day. The manager insisted McDonald’s is very concerned about their customers' health and the drinks were made with bottled water.

“The worker is planning to use the ice water to clean the restaurant but not for making food or drinks. We care for our customers' health,” the officer said.

However, the manager’s claim doesn’t hold much weight. Even if the uniformed worker was using the melted snow water for cleaning purposes, it was dirty water that was being used to clean the restaurant, which is extremely unhygienic.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Mike Blake 

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