Terrified Tourists Watch As Zebra Attacks Zookeeper In China

A Chinese zookeeper luckily escaped alive after he was viciously attacked by a zebra that dragged him into the bushes.

Just days after a tiger attacked and killed a man at a Chinese animal park, a zebra nearly did the same with a zookeeper at another zoo in China. However, this time, the victim was lucky to get away alive.

A video of the incident shows the zebra getting out of control and grabbing the man’s arm in his jaws, before dragging him around an enclosure at the zoo. Although, the employee’s work mates tried to intervene and deter the animal with a wooden stick, the violent creature would not settle down.

The zebra continued to mercilessly drag the zookeeper around, taking him through the dirt and bushes. Horrified tourists and visitors witnessed the entire incident but stood there helpless as the zebra tortured the man.

According to reports, the zookeeper received two injuries on his hand, which he is being treated for.

Incidents like this one aren't unheard of at zoos and wildlife parks around the world. Just last week two lions at an Indian biological park attacked a tourist vehicle. One of them tried to climb onto the car and bit its rear glass, while the other tried to cross in front of it. Visitors inside the luxury SUV could be heard screaming in panic, and fortunately, the car managed to drive away without anyone getting attacked or injured.

The animals in zoos and wildlife parks are kept in enclosures or are often trained to interact well with humans. Yet, it is important to keep in mind that at the end of the day they are wild animals whose natural instincts can kick in at anytime, causing them to attack anyone who gets too close.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Pixabay, Alexas_Fotos

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