Chobani Might Make Its Employees Millionaires

Chobani yogurt has grown multifold over the last nine years, and now its CEO has found a brilliant and generous way to thank employees.

Chobani’s CEO Hamdi Ulukaya announced on Tuesday that from this moment onward, his employees are in fact his partners. 

“We used to work together, now we are partners,” the humble businessman said.

In the new announcement, Ulukaya stated that the company’s full-time employees will be awarded an ownership stake in the private company. They will have a 10 percent stake in the business, which they could utilize if the company goes public or is sold.

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When asked why he was doing so, the Kurdish entrepreneur and businessman gave an answer that is sure to warm many hearts.

“You know it’s been my dream, I like to get back to them and say you and this community and this country’s been so great to us, and I’d like to return that favor to you,” Ulukaya stated.

The company that started off in 2007 using a loan; today Chobani has more than 2,000 employees and earns a revenue of more than $1 billion annually.

It is indeed a big move that Ulukaya has chosen to share the rewards of the company’s success with his employees, and has found a unique way to thank them for all their hard work.

The down-to-earth businessman stood at the entrance of the event on Tuesday, hugging his workers and greeting them warmly before he made the announcement that might change their lives and turn them into millionaires.

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