Looks Like Chris Christie’s Pandering To Trump Has Finally Paid Off

When Chris Christie first endorsed Donald Trump, he faced a lot of flak from the political world. However, it seems it might all be well worth it.

Chris Christie

It’s finally happened for Chris Christie. Months of shameless pandering to Donald Trump has finally paid off.

The New Jersey governor, once a rival for the position of presidency against Trump, has been confirmed as a VP finalist.

Christie became one of Trump’s strongest defenders soon after he quit the presidential race, and consequently suffered through the relentless heckles of fellow GOP members who were still convinced Trump would fall.

The taunts and jeers only intensified after Trump’s Super Tuesday victory during which Christie was seen standing behind the presumptive nominee looking stunned, confused and in a world of pain.


The Twitterati joked Christie looked like he was taken hostage by Trump and the entire political world had a collective laugh at the New Jersey governor’s expense.

“So no, I wasn’t being held hostage,” Christie said in reply. “No, I wasn’t sitting up there thinking, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?’”

In March, Christie declined to attend the funeral of State Trooper Sean Cullen who was killed by a passing motorist, because he was too busy campaigning for Trump.

When the billionaire, real-estate mogul caused controversy by launching a series of hypocritical attacks at Judge Gonzalo Curiel, Christie was quick to stand by Trump’s side and told the world: “Donald Trump is not a racist. The allegations that he is are absolutely contrary to any experience I’ve had with him over the last 14 years.”

Recently, Christie was relegated to the position of “manservant” after he was seeing picking up Trump’s McDonald’s order. The NJ governor has fervently defended his spot in the Trump universe, but another report has revealed that he may indeed be Trump’s “indentured servant.”


Such is the price of a VP candidacy. But it looks like much of Christie’s suffering has paid off and he could have the last laugh if the VP chips fall his way. 

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