Chris Christie Lounges On New Jersey Beach… After Closing It To Public

After the state administration turned away thousands of vacationers from the shore, there was one family whose weekend plans were not affected at all.

Chris Christie

All state-run parks and beaches in New Jersey have been closed to public thanks to government deadlock over the budget, ruining people’s Fourth of July plans and forcing them to reconfigure vacation plans for the long weekend.

However, even though thousands of vacationers were turned away from the shore and the state administration kicked out a Cub Scout Pack with 25 kids from a state park, there was one family whose weekend plans to lounge on a beach and soak up some sun were not affected at all.

That would be New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his family.

Less than a day after Christie made all 50 historical and outdoor recreational sites in New Jersey inaccessible to public amid the state budget standoff, he and his family headed to the Island Beach State Park, where his state residence is located, and enjoyed the empty beach.

As if that was not outrageous enough, Christie also used a State Police helicopter to go to the beach — two days in a row.

Luckily, decided to fly their drone over the beach and captured the images showing the governor lying on a beach chair and playing games as his family lounged around him.

Then, he also had the guts to lie about it.

At a news conference, a reported asked Christie he got any sun on Sunday.

The governor, who apparently did not about the pictures, responded: “I didn't get any sun today.”

When told of the photo, Christie’s spokesperson Brian Murray acknowledged the visit.

“Yes, the governor was on the beach briefly today talking to his wife and family before heading into the office,” he said. “He did not get any sun. He had a baseball hat on.”

Christie later told reporters Saturday the state’s summer beach house is separate from the park. He also said his family “will not ask for any state services.”

“That’s where my family is sleeping, so that’s where I’ll sleep tonight,” Christie explained. “When I have a choice between sleeping with my family and sleeping alone, I generally like to sleep where my family is.”

He also added, “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there.”

Social media users had a lot to say about the whole episode.

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