Chris Froome Runs Up Mountain After Bike Crash Chaos At Tour De France

Chris Froome still leads Tour de France even after his bike collision with a motorbike and two other participants within the race.

Chris Froome didn’t give up competing in the Tour de France race this Bastille Day, despite his sudden bike collision during the event.

The collision was caused by the overbearing crowd that surrounded the barriers at the race. The massive crowd made it hard for a television motorbike to go through. As a result, the bike crashed into Richie Porte, then Bauke Mollema, Froome steered to the left of the bike, but crashed into another bike, The Guardian reported

While waiting for his team bike to arrive, Froome threw his broken bike and ran part of the final kilometer in the stage 12 race.

"I just started running. I knew the car was stuck and was five minutes behind," Froome said. 

Froome dropped to sixth place after the crash, but race officials ultimately decided that the racer could keep his yellow jersey and maintain his leading position.

According to ESPN, the competitors will move on from the unfortunate accident and compete in the 23.3 mile race from Bourg-Saint-Andeol to La Caverne du Pont D’Arc on Friday.

Despite the bike collision obstacle they faced, it’s commendable that the competitors took to heart the expression of when you fall, you get right back up. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

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