Chris Kyle’s Widow Challenges President Obama Over Gun Laws

Despite the fact her husband was shot dead at a firing range, Taya Kyle doesn’t believe in more gun control.

Taya Kyle, the widow of slain U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle — who was the inspiration for the controversial movie American Sniper  doesn’t think President Barack Obama’s new gun laws are going to help decrease gun violence in the United States.

Even though her husband was shot dead by a former Marine at Texas a firing range in 2013, Kyle doesn’t endorse restrictions on buying firearms.

And she confronted the president face-to-during a town hall meeting on gun control in Virginia this week.

“Your message of hope is something I agree with,” she told the president, though insisting guns, unlike what Obama says, are not the problem but the people who own them.

“The laws that we create don’t stop the horrific things from happening, right?” she added. “And that’s a very tough pill to swallow.”

Kyle defended her stance by saying murder cannot be outlawed because criminals do not have a moral code. She told Obama she needs a weapon to protect herself from those criminals.

“I’m wondering why it wouldn’t be a better use of our time to give people hope in a different way… why not celebrate where we are?” she asked, adding, “We’re good people and 99 percent of us are never going to kill anyone.”

Obama, who quietly listened to Kyle’s argument, first thanked her husband for his service. He then guaranteed her that law-abiding people would still be able to purchase firearms while it would become much harder for somebody to "fill up a car with guns and sell them to 13-year-old kids on the streets."

You can watch their exchange in the video above.

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