Chris Matthews Suggests Democrats Seek ‘Vengeance’ Against Republicans

On-air during a “Hardball” segment, Chris Matthews urged Democrats to fight President Donald Trump’s SCOTUS replacement nominee “tooth and nail.”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is calling for a Democratic revolt of sorts following Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s unexpected retirement announcement on Wednesday.

On-air during a “Hardball” segment, Matthews urged Democrats to fight President Donald Trump’s replacement nominee “tooth and nail.”

“I don’t think the Democrats should allow meetings to occur with Trump’s nominee to fill this vacancy by Justice Kennedy,” Matthews said. “I think they have to fight eye for an eye for what happened in ’16 when the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, refused to even consider or even meet with Merrick Garland.”

In fact, Matthews argued that if the Democrats do not put up a fight, they will face a “huge problem” with the Democratic base.

“There is no way politically the Democratic base will stand for any kind of hearings or vote for a Trump nominee before the election,” he added. “We’ve got an election in four and half months. There’s no reason to consider a replacement on the Supreme Court in that time.”

Matthews said McConnell has “no right” to bring a nominee up for a vote after what he did to Garland two years ago when former President Barack Obama nominated him after the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia. 

In his comments, Matthews also very blatantly said that now is a time for “vengeance” against the Republicans for blocking Garland in 2016.

To that point, the political commentator is absolutely right. It’s time to throw civility out of the window and “play hardball,” as Matthews aptly put it.

Democrats may be the minority, but it is in the best interest of the party and the integrity of democracy for them to pull out all the stops to prevent a Trump nominee from replacing Kennedy.

The “blue wave” needs to be stronger than ever to protect the Supreme Court from another Trump pick.

Why? Just look at the outcome of the Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s travel ban, or more frankly known as the Muslim ban.

Justice Neil Gorsuch’s presence in the high court is clearly serving Trump well, and there is no doubt that he will choose another fervid conservative who may be even more right-leaning than Gorsuch to take Kennedy’s place.

Needless to say, that is a devastating fate that this country cannot afford. 

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