New Zealand Restaurant Mocks Asian Accent With Its Racist Menu

The tone deaf menu featured dishes such as “chirri garwrik and prawn dumpring” instead of chili garlic and prawn dumpling, mocking Asians who roll the “l” and “r.”



A restaurant in Christchurch, New Zealand, was slammed by its customers as racist, after they read through the eatery’s tone deaf menu.

The appalling menu mocked Asian accents, with items such as the "chirri garrick prawn dumprings" instead of chili garlic prawn dumplings. Sometimes Asians struggle with the pronunciation of terms that have “r” and “l” in them, so Bamboozle restaurant thought it was OK to mock their accents in their menu as names of dishes.

It wasn’t funny.

Unfortunately, this isn’t where their dreadful racism stopped. Other examples of disgraceful names given to dishes, included terms like "Eja ku rait" and “ho lee kok.”

The restaurant has been operating with the ill-conceived menu for two years.

When the restaurant owner, Philip Kraal, was asked if he was aware that his menu was offensive, his response, as expected, was indifferent.

“Pretty much everyone [sic] of our customers enjoys the written menu as part of their overall experience and often express disappointment when items are removed with seasonal menu changes. But we appreciate the feedback and are actively considering it,” he said.

The racist menu has since been pulled off the website.

“As I read the menu, I wondered how the all-Asian kitchen staff on view feel about their dishes being described as ‘velly special,’” wrote restaurant reviewer Alastair Paulin.

“We get it, some Asians struggle to pronounce ‘r’ and ‘l’, but does anyone over the age of 13 find that funny?” he asked.

Prominent Chinese lawyer Arthur Loo deemed the attempt at humor "a little bit sad in this day and age.”

"I thought we had moved beyond this sort of thing," he said.

As for the restaurant owner, this wasn’t the first time he is in hot water for using offensive language on his restaurant’s menu.

In 2009 Kraal described a chicken, brie and sweet corn pie on his Crumpet Club menu as "slightly gay, I know, but oh so tasty".

Last month, the restaurant owner made headlines for a misleading gin ad from his Christchurch WHET bar.

"Public Health Message. Did you know that gin is one of the best natural remedy's for kidney and liver disease? Now this may seem somewhat ironic, however juniper berries, which gin is made from, help stop water retention in your body, allowing you to pass more water than any other alcohol. This means that more harmful toxins and bacteria are flushed out your system. Get into WHET this week and start your liver recovery. Whet Drinking Room... Flushing livers since 2015. Please share,” read the Facebook Post.

The ASA complaints board said Guideline 1(d) of the Code for Advertising and Promotion of Alcohol was clear that alcohol advertisements should not suggest alcohol offers any therapeutic benefits.

The post lead to a complaint to The Advertising Standards Authority that was partly upheld and the post was removed, Fairfax reported.

 And now the travesty of his menu mocking Asian accents is discovered.

People on social media slammed Bamboozle for its awful menu.              









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