Christian School To 12-Year-Old Rape Survivor: ‘Turn The Other Cheek’

The survivor's mother was allegedly told “this isn’t how Christian institutions handle these things,” when she suggested reporting the abuse to police.

The administration at a Christian private school in Nashville, Tennessee, is embroiled in a legal battle after mishandling the repeated sexual assaults of a 12-year-old student on campus.

According to Raw Story, Brentwood Academy is being sued for $60 million for doing nothing about four eighth-graders who assaulted a sixth-grade classmate on more than one occasion.

The lawsuit alleges that the four bullies “conspired to engage in male on male sexual harassment, sexual assault and/or rape upon John Doe in the locker room not supervised by an adult.”

The suit also claims that one of the attackers “would place his penis before John Doe and forcibly penetrated it into the mouth of Plaintiff John Doe without consenting claiming ‘eat it, eat it, eat it, open your mouth, accept it.'”

That same boy also reportedly bragged that he “f***ed that boy up the a** and stuck a Gatorade bottle in him.”

When complaints of the harassment were initially brought to Headmaster Curtis G. Masters’ attention, he allegedly told the survivor to “turn the other cheek” and asserted that “everything in God’s kingdom happens for a reason.”

He purportedly said he thought the assault claims were “boys being boys” and he wouldn’t be able to run the school if he had to investigate every single one of these complaints.

Adding insult to injury, when the survivor’s mother suggested reporting the assault to local authorities, former school employee Chris Roberts told her, “This isn’t how Christian institutions handle these things.”

According to the Tennessean, Masters issued a statement to address the disturbing allegations:

"Our highest priority is the safety and protection of our students. We take any allegation involving our students very seriously. We responded immediately and fully cooperated with authorities when we became aware of concerns in 2015. We are obligated to maintain confidentiality in any legal matter. Out of respect for all parties involved, and based on the advice of our legal counsel, we are unable to discuss details at this time."

Despite whatever twisted values Brentwood Academy holds, Tennessee law requires counselors and school officials to report suspected child abuse or neglect.

The school's nonchalant approach to handling this issue is not only legally wrong but morally reprehensible.

The horrific nature of these attacks indicates that the mistreatment of the survivor goes far beyond "boys being boys." 

If the court finds all of the allegations against the administration to be true, Brentwood Academy needs to be shut down. 

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