This Campaign Aims To Make 'All White’ Christmas A Thing Of The Past

A social media campaign, #ChristmasSoWhite, aims to increase the number of photos of black families celebrating Christmas to counter “all white” Christmas.

Although, the number of hate crimes and incidents of racism against the black community has been on the rise, one woman is trying to bring about a change using social media.

The campaign that is all set to kick off on Thursday aims to increase the diversity in holiday photos by photographing African-American families celebrating the holiday.

It all started off as Nadya Powell, an advertising consultant, was looking for images of snowball fights for a school website project for her six-year-old daughter’s friend, Sara. Powell was shocked when she could only find pictures of white people, and therefore was inspired to change this.

 “She was not seeing anything that looked like her and I realized she never did. This beautiful little girl is growing up in a world where on a daily basis she doesn’t see people like her in any media, where a perfect Christmas is a white Christmas,” Powell said.

The woman also collaborated with a modeling agency, Looks Like Me, for the project.

The company started off when the owner’s daughter wanted to be white “like all the girls in the magazines.” Numerous large media and marketing groups including Saatchi & Saatchi, Edelman Google, and MediaCom are financing the campaign, as they believe it is “long needed.”

The images of the families taking part in Christmas celebrations will also be available on from Thursday.

“We believe in a Christmas that represents everyone –  that celebrates diversity, and reflects real life. Let's make sure a white Christmas is a thing of the past,” the inclusive website reads.

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