Legally Blind Boy Sees Mother For The First Time

One cannot imagine the joys of being able to see for the first time, and this little boy from Virginia has waited 12 long years for the big moment.

12-year-old Christopher Ward from Forest, Virginia, has been blind since childhood. But time and again the little boy has proven that nothing can bring his spirits down.

However, a few weeks ago, the fifth grader travelled to Washington D.C., for a life changing experience, where he tried on a new technology called the eSight. The electronic glasses brought an immediate smile upon Ward’s face who got to see his mother’s face for the first time.

His mother, Marquita Hackley, wept with a smile on her face as the boy turned to her and said “Oh, Mommy! There you are!”

The new glasses contain a small, high speed camera that captures live video which then gets transferred to an LED screen placed in front of the user, allowing them to see. 

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“He’s a joy to be around, he’s always happy, he’s never complained,” Hackley said as she praised her son.

The high tech glasses however cost a whopping $15,000 and now Ward’s mother is determined to collect the amount to turn her son’s life around.
“Whatever it takes to raise the money for it is from day one that’s what I was determined that I was gonna do,” she added.

Hackley has received immense support on Facebook with numerous emails and messages, and is certain that she will do absolutely anything to buy the special glasses needed for her son’s vision.

Check out the inspiring video above.

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