CIA Director Says No To Waterboarding, Regardless Of Who's President

CIA Director John Brennan said Wednesday that if the current or next president orders the CIA to resume waterboarding, he will quit immediately.

John Brennan, the Central Intelligence Agency’s Director, announced that he will resign if the next president reinstates the use of waterboarding, the torture practice which simulates drowning.

In a public statement at Brookings Institution on Wednesday, Brennan said, “I can say that as long as I’m director of CIA, irrespective of what the president says, I’m not going to be the director of CIA that gives that order. They’ll have to find another director.”

Brennan, who has been CIA Director since 2013, did not mention Trump directly in his statement, but appeared to be referring to the frightening possibility of the business mogul becoming the next United States president.

The practice was used by the CIA on at least three suspected militants during George W. Bush’s presidency in secret foreign prisons. In Bush's memoir, he does not make apologies for the practice which was outlawed by President Barack Obama.

Like Bush, Trump has repeatedly condoned the practice and iterated that he “likes [waterboarding] a lot” and “doesn’t think it’s tough enough" to applauding audiences.

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