Former CIA Official Calls Trump’s Transition ‘A Clown Show’

“I’m watching a clown show… I want to see a transition from a campaign to reality, and I don’t see it yet,” said former CIA official Philip Mudd.

Former CIA official and CNN counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd eviscerated President-elect Donald Trump, his transition team and his national security adviser, going as far calling Trump’s transition a “clown show.”

During an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Mudd condemned Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn for repeatedly talking about prosecuting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the campaign run and for inspiring fear against Muslims.

He also compared Trump’s transition with other Republican presidents.

“We have a history of remarkable servants in the Oval Office and in the Situation Room under Republican presidents,” Mudd told Blitzer. “We transition now to a national security adviser in a political realm who argues that an opponent on the stump should be locked up in prison and who argues that a billion-plus Muslims should be grouped together. And then we go on to argue that that individual’s son, who retweets fake news, should be given access to top secrets.”

The Russia-loving, Muslim-hating Flynn’s appointment by Trump has been met with opposition from several quarters, which even resulted in 53 organizations signing an open letter demanding Trump withdraw his decision.

Meanwhile, Flynn’s son, who was fired for tweeting out a blatantly fake news about a pizzeria, which conspiracy theorists allege runs a child trafficking ring managed by the Clinton camp, was reportedly granted security clearance.

“I’m watching a clown show!” closed an exasperated Mudd. “I’ve had it with this, Wolf! I want to see a transition from a campaign to reality, and I don’t see it yet.”

Apparently, many Twitter users think so too.






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