Ciara Slammed For "Revealing Dress At College Football Game

This is what we're really outraged about, America? Come on.

As the College Football Playoff Championship game kicked off on Monday night, American singer Ciara sang the national anthem. Her brilliant voice engulfed the stadium as the audience anxiously waited for the game to begin.

Everything was going really well until Bonnie Bernstein, an accomplished sports journalist, decided to call out the singer for her dress, stating that she apparently needed to “cover up” since kids were watching the game.


 Jason Whitlock from Fox Sports 1 even supported her and said that the revealing portion of the dress was equivalent to “nudity.”


Bernstein, facing criticism for her tweet, doubled down, writing that her comments about Ciara were OK since she had included a compliment.


However, people weren’t convinced as they went on to say that journalist’s comments were actually racist.


Some on Twitter even went on to say that if Ciara’s dress was a problem, then people shouldn’t watch sports with cheerleaders and beer ads.





It is rather ironic that when the Kardashians and other celebrities turn up at the Oscars and Golden Globes wearing some of the skimpiest dresses, everyone is OK with it, but TV personalities like Bernstein miss no chance of making an issue of things that don’t even exist.

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