City Of Orlando Will Turn Pulse Nightclub Into A Permanent Memorial

The Mayor of Orlando confirms that the Pulse nightclub targeted in a deadly attack against LGBTQ Americans is going to be turned into a memorial.

Orlando's mayor, Buddy Dyer, has just confirmed that the site of the deadliest mass shooting on American soil, Pulse nightclub, is going to be transformed into a permanent memorial.

"I think it's very important that the city take control of the site," Dyer explained in a short video posted to his account on Twitter.

The Pulse shooting took the lives of 49 people and left 53 people injured. Many of the victims were Latino, gay men in their 20s and 30s. The FBI has been criticized for not classifying the shooting as a hate crime when the victims were targeted at a queer nightclub.

Pulse nightclub memorial

Dyer's office has confirmed the purchase of the nightclub to The Huffington Post for $2.25 million. The sale will be finalized by a vote from the Orlando City Council on Nov. 14.

In Dyer's video statement, the mayor confirms that the site will be maintained "as is" for the time being, to allow people from around the world to visit the site. After that, he pledges to look to the community for feedback on how best to honor their fallen loved ones.

"We don't know exactly what type of memorial we want to create there," Dyer explains. "We want to get a lot of community input."

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @ABCPolitics

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