Crazy Cavs Fans Risk Their Lives To Watch The Championship Parade

Scores of fans placed themselves wherever they could, all just to could get a clear view of the championship parade.

As an estimated 1.3 million fans took over downtown Cleveland to check out the Cavaliers’ championship parade, the first for the city in 52 years, many of them perched themselves atop high-rise buildings and in precarious positions to get a look at the action.


Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly captured the attention of thousands as he jumped from a moving bus onto an overhanging traffic light and hung onto it for quite a while.


Other supporters seemed pretty satisfied sitting wherever they got a place.


Clocking in at 220 pounds and 6’6”, Cavs player J.R. Smith stood on the roof of a car that certainly didn’t seem like it was equipped to carry that kind of weight. Scores of people surrounded him as he stood there shirtless with his hands spread out in the air.


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The other Cavaliers supporters pulled off some "American Ninja Warrior" stunts as they hung out on top of a building, with their legs dangling down.


Another two rather enthusiastic fans stuck out of a tree to get a good view of the parade.


Other fans hung out on the side of a garage.


Here’s how people on Twitter reacted to the event.




Unfortunately, it wasn't all celebration in Cleveland. After the rally, a 13-year-old was reportedly shot in the leg by a 15-year-old suspect, who was taken into custody. Police are searching for another suspect.  

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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