A School In North Carolina Is Telling Girls What To Wear For Prom

Somehow only the girls are getting clothing lessons, not the boys. Funny how that always happens, isn't it?

A high school in Clayton, North Carolina, has come under fire for putting out what many consider a sexist video on its website.

The clip, prepared by a student named Wayne Stewart, was presented as a mock game show called “So You Think You’re Prom ‘Propriate?” where a number of dresses were shown and students (playing judges) labeled them as “appropriate,” “inappropriate” or “extremely inappropriate.”

Students concerned over the dress code put the presentation together.

The video, posted above, shows the so-called judges holding up placards with checks and crosses as images of girls wearing different dresses are displayed on screen.

They even went as far as covering up revealing parts of the dresses with black censored panels.

“Ladies: Nothing lower than a sweetheart neckline length no more than 3in above the knee (same applies for slits). Not overly revealing (mesh or see through, cutouts throughout the torso, midriff, ect.) Back of dresses must not be lower than belly button,” said the school’s prom site, further clarifying the dress code.

However, both the school and the students who put together the video are now the target of criticism, especially because of the black censor bars covering up female models' bodies.

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Moreover, the dress code for men was not mentioned at all, making it feel like it is only wrong when women wear revealing clothes. At least the school’s website mentions “Gentlemen: Suits or tuxes. No casual wear such as blue jeans, khakis or T-shirts. Dress shoes. No boots or sneakers.”

Meanwhile, the school has been trying to clarify its position, claiming it didn’t intend to make women a subject of sexism by putting them on the spot.

The prom will be held on April 29.

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