DC Metro Station Turns Into A Waterfall

Commuters making their way home had no idea that instead of riding a train they would have to walk through ankle deep water and look for alternate transport solutions.

Tuesday's evening commute in Washington, D.C., turned into a water park ride for unsuspecting commuters who faced a wall of water as they tried to leave a Metro station.

Commuters at the Cleveland Park Metro station were taken by surprise when they found they had to wade their way through ankle deep water surging down the stairs and escalator while trying to get home.

The station looked like a scene straight out of "Titanic" since it had people scrambling through water gushing down the staircase and escalators, resembling a waterfall. Commuters were seen lifting their clothes and belongings as they made their way through the water, hoping to not get their apparel and bags wet.

Storms and floods inundated the Metro station, and the Cleveland Park stop is particularly prone to flooding since it sits at the bottom of a hill.

As trees fell down and power outages plunged parts of D.C. into darkness, Metro was forced to close the Cleveland Park station around 7 p.m.

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Internet users took to Twitter to express their disappointment with Metro's ability to deal with the situation.



Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters, Lucas Jackson

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