Tillerson Claimed Climate Change Could Not Be Predicted In 2010

Despite Exxon's extensive knowledge of climate change, Tillerson claimed that the phenomenon could not be predicted.

The American public, and the world at large, has many rightful grievances against oil company Exxon.

For decades, Exxon conducted research into climate change, became aware of the incredible, horrific impact this phenomenon would have on our planet, and decided to never disclose the results. Exxon's CEO allegedly paid climate change deniers to sow the seeds of doubt regarding climate change in public.

Rex Tillerson

This massive fraud and criminal indifference to the future of Earth has skewed public sentiment against Tillerson, who was appointed U.S. secretary of state after a very public backlash.

In 2010, Rex Tillerson said in his congressional testimony that there was no "competent" system in place that could accurately predict climate change.

"There is not a model available today that is competent for understanding the science and predicting the future," Tillerson admitted.

But, as Eric Schneiderman, the New York attorney general who launched a sweeping fraud probe against the company in 2015, points out, the company has done extensive research into climate change, and was aware of the consequences of our greed before the rest of the world's scientists. The company's exploration of the melting Arctic and raising the decks of offshore oil platforms with view of rising sea levels.

In the same testimony, Rex Tillerson admitted that the company was not equipped to deal with oil spills.

“We are not well equipped to handle them. There will be impacts, as we are seeing,” Tillerson said.

The damage, when it happens, will be catastrophic. The endangered coral reef might breath its last, and the beaches and marshes of the world may never recover.

In the face of this impending doom, Exxon refuses to reconsider.

In a 2014 report, the company stated that global efforts to rein in climate change would not mean that Exxon abandon its oil reserves as "stranded assets." However, many scientists have pointed out that if Exxon burns even a portion of the oil that the company claims to have, temperatures would escalate to such dangerous levels that no one will be left to "burn the rest."

Rex Tillerson's nonchalance towards the planet, and, his greed to earn money at the expense of the entire human population have made his appointment into a nightmare scenario for not just the United States but the entire world.

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