Thanks To Trump, This Civil Debate Tradition No Longer Exists

After Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump skipped a debate tradition in the second debate, this new change is not entirely surprising.

 Debate Tradition

With just three weeks remaining before the United States picks its next commander-in-chief, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are set to take the debate stage one last time in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday to answer questions ranging from foreign policy to personal scandals.

As various media publications and the Republican nominee’s own record have predicted, it is going to be a nasty fight.

Perhaps that is why the Clinton campaign reportedly negotiated to scrap one of the most graceful debate rituals: the handshake between the two potential first families. Apparently, the Democratic candidate seeks to avoid any disruptive plans her rival might have cooked up for their final showdown

In the previous debates, the Clintons greeted the Trumps onstage as part of the pre-debate protocol.

However, this time around, when the candidates' spouses will enter the debate hall, they will not cross paths. Instead, both the sides will walk into the room from different entrances and sit down in their designated seats.

Citing two anonymous sources, The New York Times claimed the changes were made after the media mogul tried to orchestrate an elaborate confrontation at the last debate between former president Bill Clinton and the women who have accused him of sexual abuse.

Trump had not only invited Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey to the event at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, but also planned to seat them in the family area. Had the debate officials not interrupted, Bill Clinton would have had to greet the woman on national television.

Considering Trump’s flare for dramatics and his very public meltdown, Clinton’s fears are not entirely unfounded — after all, the GOP nominee has already invited President Barack Obama’s Kenyan-born estranged half-brother, Malik Obama, to attend the last debate.

Although Trump campaign did not explain the reason behind this unusual invite, it is quite apparent that they are trying to exploit the bad blood between the two siblings.

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