Clinton Claps Back At Trump’s Toxic Portrayal Of Women’s Bodies

In Clinton’s address to a Pennsylvanian audience, she directly attacked Trump’s criticism of Miss Universe Alicia Machado and his persistent bullying.


On Tuesday, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to an audience of community members in Haverford, Pennsylvania and addressed Donald Trump’s toxic remarks regarding women’s body image, Reuters reported.

In response to a question from a 15-year-old girl in the audience who asked about "the damage Trump does" when he talks about women's appearances, Clinton shared her stance on Trump's judgmental, body-shaming remarks. 

She said words which likely resonate with millions of American women exhausted of Trump’s sexist comments about his daughter, Paris Hilton, Alicia Machado, and even Clinton herself.

Clinton said, “My opponent insulted Miss Universe… We can’t take any of this seriously anymore. We need to laugh at it. We need to refute it.”

She pressed the issue of Trump’s bullying, a societal problem which so many women, young and old, are subject to on a daily basis. How Trump has treated certain women is no different, she explained.  She said, “There are too many young women online who are being bullied about how they look and being shamed and mistreated.”

“We’re not all going to end up being Miss Universe, I hate to tell you,” Clinton further stated. “So let’s be the best we can be, and let’s be proud of who we are, and let’s support other women and girls in being proud of who they are.”

For Trump to say whatever he feels like about women and their bodies is not only unwarranted, but thoroughly unnecessary as part of a presidential nominee’s dialogue.

The American public deserves a true leader who directs their speech on actual issues, not an unleashed misogynist who objectifies women’s bodies without thinking twice. Trump's sexism and rhetoric undoubtedly affects young people, particularly girls, who already face enough pressure from peers and society to look a certain way. 

Banner photo credit: Reuters

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