Clinton Plans To Accept Presidency Under Actual Glass Ceiling

Hillary Clinton is going to spend election night under a literal glass ceiling, symbolizing her campaign to break a historic gender barrier.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is going to be watching her votes roll in on election night under an actual glass ceiling. 

This historic election has many looking forward to shattering a gender barrier as old as this nation with the first female elected as president of the Unites States. Clinton herself has called the presidency "that highest, hardest glass ceiling." The Democratic nominee will be following the election results and ultimately addressing the nation from the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, a building almost entirely made of glass.

The woman who first used the term "glass ceiling" in print is, unsurprisingly, usually not given credit for her work. Gay Bryant, the first woman to act as editor for a major women's magazine (yes, women's magazines were still controlled by men through the 80s) printed the term in her book, "The Working Women Report." The book was published in 1985, a full year before The Wall Street Journal reported on it and was credited with coining the phrase.  Before even Bryant used the term, American women were speaking it aloud to one another, describing the sexism they encountered in the workplace.

The Federal Glass Ceiling Commission established in 1991 was created to "identify the glass ceiling barriers that have blocked the advancement of minorities and women," and as we approach the 2016 elections in a matter of days, the presidential barrier is just begging to be shattered. Whether or not Clinton's choice of venue is intentional, the symbolism resonates deeply as the election approaches. 

Hillary Clinton stands in front of an American Flag

Secretary Clinton's opponent, Republican nominee and TV personality Donald Trump, is the living embodiment of a human glass ceiling. He treats women poorly, uses offensive language about women, and has been accused of sexual assaults against women in the workplace throughout his career. His pro-gun voter base is using Clinton's likeness for target practice and wants to dial back women's rights to a medieval absence.

Donald Trump actually intensely dislikes Clinton's choice of venue, as he tried to acquire the illustrious convention center building project for his family business but was turned down by the city. Mother Jones reports that Trump complained about the way the deal fell through, the Javits Center's construction process, and the view from the windows in his book, The Art of The Deal.

Whether or not Clinton intended this as one final jab at her opponent is a secret the former Secretary will hopefully soon be keeping in the Oval Office. 

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