Clinton, Sanders Find Trump’s Comments On Abortion To Be Unfathomable

The Democratic candidates reacted strongly to Trump's recent stance that women deserve to be punished for having abortions.

During Wednesday night’s MSNBC Town Hall hosted by Chris Matthews, Donald Trump made some horrific remarks regarding abortion and women.

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As Matthews pressed him on how he would enforce a ban on abortion, Trump was finally forced to admit that he thought women deserved “some form of punishment” if they received abortions.

This, of course, sparked enormous outrage, including from Republicans themselves. John Kasich remarked, “Of course, women shouldn't be punished," and called Trump “unfit” to be president.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton responded much more strongly. During an interview with Rachel Maddow, Clinton stated, “What he said today is among the most dangerous and outrageous statements that I’ve heard anybody running for president say in a really long time.”

Clinton was spot on, and Sanders agreed. He also talked to Maddow and told her, “shameful is probably understating [it]…To punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond comprehension…One would say, ‘what is in Donald Trump’s mind’ except we’re tired of saying that. I don’t know what world this person lives in.”

Sanders went further, calling the entire Republican Party a “fringe” party and declaring that the GOP “today now is a joke, maintained by a media which really does not force them to discuss their issues.”

He noted that the reason Trump gets away with such absurdities is because the media largely refuses to challenge him (although Matthews did a good job of attempting to point out the ludicrousness of Trump’s position): “Trump is nobody’s fool.  He knows how to manipulate the media – you say an absurd thing and the media is all over it.”

 Maddow did not take too kindly to this harsh truth, and she and her MSNBC colleagues spent some time disparaging Sanders after his interview concluded.

Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens also condemned the entire GOP over Trump’s comments, claiming he exposed their real stance. “A plan to punish women who seek abortion in this country is not news, it’s actually the Republican Party platform,” she said on CNN. “They’re horrified to have been outed for what they do every day, which is punish women who seek abortions.”

This applies in a larger sense to all of Trump’s ideas and policies. His rampant xenophobia, racism, and sexism are simply manifestations of what the GOP has been attempting to accomplish in an underhanded manner for the last 30 years.

He is actually doing a favor to the majority of the American public by exposing the appalling nature of what Republican leaders truly believe. 

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