Clinton Slams Trump's Hate Speech As ISIS' Main Recruitment Strategy

On Monday, Hillary Clinton offered her plan to defeat ISIS and shamed Donald Trump’s hate speech for making the United States into an easy target for terrorists.

Throughout Donald Trump’s GOP campaign, he has remained a divisive figure particularly in his dealings with American adversaries. Finding supporters in the likes of Vladimir Putin to the KKK’s David Duke, Trump’s hateful rhetoric has earned him a top notch spot from some of the most right-wing, bigoted leaders across the globe.  

Moreover, as Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton described on Monday, Trump’s campaign against Syrian refugees and Islam as a religion in effect only serves to strengthen the Islamic State’s resolve against the United States, Mic reported.

Speaking at a news conference at a New York airport, Clinton offered counterpoints to Trump’s hateful speech, making a valid point that his language is counterproductive and panders to IS’ anti-western stereotyping.

She said, “We know that a lot of the rhetoric we’ve heard from Donald Trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular ISIS, because they are looking to make this into a war against Islam. They want to use that to recruit more fighters to their cause by turning it into a religious conflict. That’s why I’ve been very clear, we’re going after the bad guys and we’re going to get them – but we’re not going to go after an entire religion.”

Ironically, Trump’s very words which are intended to fend off terrorists are actually bolstering them and making them stronger. To prove Clinton’s point as valid, Trump has even been used in an ISIS recruitment video



Banner photo credit: Reuters

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