This Proves It, News Channels Are Under Donald Trump's Spell

Sure, Hillary Clinton’s speeches are not as colorful as her Republican rival Donald Trump. But she surely doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush famously said in November that the Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was playing the media “like a fiddle.”

He was absolutely right.

The foul-mouthed mogul, who has also been a reality television personality, certainly knows how to stay in the news.

But what many people, including Bush, fail to point out is that the media too likes to keep Donald Trump in the news for one simple, yet tragic, reason: Trump sells.

News organizations love covering the boorish billionaire’s outrageous statements and theatrics because television viewers, unfortunately, want to watch all of that stuff.

For example: Trump won Michigan and Mississippi on Tuesday. Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders also bagged important victories in the two states.

Later, as Trump took to the podium in Jupiter, Florida, to brag about his latest triumph — he actually said, “The only person who did well tonight is Donald Trump”  Clinton also went on stage to thank her supporters in Cleveland, Ohio.

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But here’s what all major news channels were broadcasting as Clinton spoke:

Of course, other people also noticed the same thing:



Sure, Clinton’s speeches are not as colorful and incendiary  or bigoted  as Trump’s but she is, nevertheless, the Democratic presidential front-runner and deserves the same coverage. In fact, the same goes for all candidates.

The mainstream media undoubtedly plays a major role in enabling Trump. By paying attention to each and every word he utters, news channels and papers have somehow made the public numb to his racist, sexist and xenophobic views  and that’s not OK.

News channels have a responsibility to be truthful and unbiased. By choosing Trump over other candidates, they are certainly not fulfilling a very important journalistic obligation.

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