SC Neighborhood On High Alert After Clowns Try To Lure Kids Into Woods

People in the neighborhood have been warned to keep their children under supervision, especially at night.

On Aug. 19, the first of numerous weird incidents occurred when a resident of Greenville’s Fleetwood Manor Apartment Complex in South Carolina reported her son had seen clowns in the neighborhood. Ever since then residents in the SC community are on high alert as masked figures have been sighted, and apparently they are approaching kinds, trying to lure them into the woods.

The mother of the boy, who narrated the incident to the Huffington Post, said when she went to investigate, she saw several clowns in the woods flashing green laser lights. The same day her older son reported hearing “chains and banging” on the front door, understandably scaring the family even more.

Another incident reportedly took place during the early hours of Aug. 20, when a resident who was walking home came across a “large figured clown with a blinking nose, standing straight under a post light near the garbage dumpster area.” The clown even waved at her, and not to make things awkward, she waved back and continued walking home.

Children in the area have claimed the clowns that are usually seen in the woods behind one particular apartment building try to call them into the woods by offering huge sums of money as bribe. They think the masked figures live in a house near a pond at the end of a path in the woods.

Although Greenville Sheriff’s deputy has found the house, no clowns were spotted, and everything seemed normal.

The apartment’s property manager issued a letter on Facebook, alerting parents to always keep their children under supervision, especially at night.

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