CNN Under Fire For Displaying Anti-Semitic Chyron ‘If Jews Are People’

“You gotta call alt-right what it is - white supremacist,” Twitter user complains. “Just b/c some idiot says it doesn't mean you put it on the chyron.”



While taking a much-need break after the elections, CNN anchor Jake Tapper was in for a nasty surprise when he tuned into his show “The Lead With Jake Tapper” on Monday.

During a segment on President-elect Donald Trump and the choice of people he associated himself with, Tapper’s fill-in Jim Sciutto spoke with two reporters about neo-Nazi Richard Spencer and called his words “hate filled garbage.” He also read the white supremacist’s quote about Jewish people, “One wonders if these people are people at all, or instead soulless golem.”

Spencer is the leader of a white supremacy think tank called the National Policy Institute and he has coined the term “alt-right.” He is also the person who hosted a panel discussion for his fellow white supremacists in Washington D.C. on Saturday which was rife with Nazi propaganda and slogans.

There is no doubt Spencer is the epitome of white supremacy but it was not only his words that riled up the viewers. It was actually the chyron at the bottom of the screen that read the words, “Alt-right Founder Questions If Jews Are People.”

According to one Twitter user, “1. You gotta call alt-right what it is - white supremacist. 2. Just b/c some idiot says it doesn't mean you put it on the chyron." Many others had the same issue.

Tapper, who himself is a Jew, and has hosted the program for almost 14 years, had to put his vacation on hold and address the controversy, tweeting out the “bad chyron” was “unacceptable.”





Temporary host Sciutto also backed up Tapper and condemned the chyron.


Since then, a CNN spokesperson has issued an apology in a statement to the Daily Dot.

“It was poor judgment,” the spokesperson said, “and we very much regret it and apologize.” 

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