Ana Navarro Tears Into ‘Crazy, Lunatic 70-Year-Old Man-Baby’ Trump

“Listen, you crazy, lunatic 70-year-old man-baby, stop it. You are now the president of United States … and you need to stop acting like a mean girl.”

After keeping his sexism (somewhat) in check for a few short months, President Donald Trump reverted to his inherent misogyny and attacked yet another female journalist using disturbingly graphic language.

After “Morning Joe” co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, two hard-hitting critics of the Trump administration, called out the president for decorating at least four of his golf clubs with fake Time covers, the former reality TV star lost his cool.



The distasteful tweet about Brzezinski’s physical appearance drew fire from journalists, activists, Democrats and even Republicans on social media. However, no condemnation was as brutal or intense as the one by CNN’s political commentator and GOP strategist Ana Navarro.

“When I first saw the tweet this morning I was frankly disgusted,” Navarro told the network’s Wolf Blitzer. “I thought to myself, this dude has such a fixation with women and blood. What is wrong with him? And then you remember that this dude, this disgusting dude, is the President of the United States.”

She pointed out how Trump does not just represent himself — he is representing the presidency of the United States and acting for every single American.

“I’m really tired of hearing words like disappointed, like disturbed, like ‘I’m bothered,’ like ‘I wish he wouldn’t do it,’” she continued. “It’s time that somebody looks at the camera and looks at him and calls him up and says, ‘Listen, you crazy, lunatic 70-year-old man-baby, stop it. You are now the president of United States, the commander-in-chief, and you need to stop acting like a mean girl.’”

After calling Trump “embarrassing,” “shameful” and “disgusting,” Navarro asserted how she cannot get past the fact that we have a “mean,” “nasty” and “immature” president.

“[He] is unstable and asks like a crazy person with anybody who attacks him because he has thin skin and he is never going to pivot and anybody around him,” she added. “Stop enabling him. Confront this and confront this hard, or it will never stop, and it will embarrass all of us. It will take the presidency low, low, low.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Trump has used the word “blood” to insult a woman.

For those who might not remember, during his contentious election campaign, the business mogul attacked then-Fox News host Megyn Kelly, saying “she blood coming out of her eyes ... blood coming out of her wherever” after she asked about his disparaging comments about women.

Watch Ana Navarro’s complete interview in the video above.

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