'A Child Of God Is Dead': Ex-FBI Agent Weeps On Live TV After Shooting

Wrought with emotion following another school shooting, analyst Phil Mudd broke down crying live on the air during an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Police arrest a young man appearing to be Nikolas Cruz following a deadly school shooting in Florida.

Words cannot express the plethora of emotions running through the minds of the American people as they grapple with yet another school shooting this week. But sometimes, moments in television can aid in encapsulating the honest truth of a given subject.

Such was the case hours after the shooting on Wednesday. Former FBI agent Phil Mudd, who acts as a terrorism analyst for CNN, broke down in tears just hours after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Nikolas Cruz, 19, took the lives of 17 classmates at the school he used to attend.

Speaking to Wolf Blitzer about the incident, Mudd lost his composure while on the air.

“We're talking about bump stocks, we're talking about legislation,” Mudd tried to articulate. “A child of God is dead. Cannot we acknowledge in this country that we can't — we cannot accept this. I can't do it, Wolf, I'm sorry, I can't do it.”

Mudd then began weeping openly on camera, unable to finish his thought due to the raw emotion he was displaying.

Blitzer, recognizing his guest was unable to speak any longer, broke away from Mudd’s commentary.

The issue of gun violence “happens all too often,” Blitzer said. “As a result, people say we [have] to learn some lessons. Unfortunately lessons are never, never learned.”

Blitzer and Mudd are correct in their assessments of the state of America today, especially when it comes to gun violence. Blitzer explained it well in words how the lessons of these events never end up being resolved with an outcome that could prevent them in the future.

But Blitzer’s words were jejune compared to the tearful reaction displayed by Mudd. He conveyed what so many of us are feeling this morning, and what we have felt in the past whenever a shooting at a school or elsewhere happens.

Trying to articulate what he felt would have been impossible — and yet, we can all understand just what he’s trying to say.

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