CNN Analyst Says Armed Militia Not As Dangerous As Black Protestors

A law enforcement analyst for CNN claims that the militiamen who took over a federal building in Oregon should not be treated with force because they are “not looting anything.”

Art Roderick, a law enforcement analyst for CNN, claims that the militiamen who took over a federal building in Oregon should not be treated with force because they are “not looting anything.”

Armed militiamen led by Cliven Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy, took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge headquarters on Saturday to protest the imprisonment of two local ranchers who were sentenced to five years in prison for burning federal land. It is believed that the ranchers burned over 139 acres of federal land to hide their poaching activities.

Bundy addressed the press hours after the initial takeover, stating, “We pose no threat to anybody. There’s no person that is physically harmed by what we’re doing.”

Despite his statement, reports have emerged that the militiamen have threatened police with violence should they attempt to forcibly remove them from the building.

During a segment on CNN, Roderick spoke about how force would simply escalate the issue, and advised that law enforcement simply “see what they’ve got to say.”

“The last thing we need is some type of large confrontation because that’s when stuff goes bad,” Roderick said. “And I think in this particular instance, if we just wait them out, see what they’ve got to say, then eventually, they’re all going to go home.”

This certainly would be a new and groundbreaking attitude towards protestors! If only it would have been said about the Black Lives Matter protestors, maybe there would have been a much different outcome.

Roderick continued, “This is a very rural area. It is out in the middle of nowhere. What are they actually doing? They’re not destroying property, they’re not looting anything.”

No, they’re only threatening the police with violence and taking over a federal building. No big deal, right?


“I mean, there’s a whole separate situation going on as to exactly why they’re there and that will be worked out through the legal process,” he continued. “But I think now that they’ve taken over this location out at the fish and wildlife, this brings in the federal side. And I know the federal government has learned over the years how to deal with these types of incidences.”

If this were anyone other than armed white men, it would be considered a terrorist takeover of a federal building. No one would be saying that we should “see what they’ve got to say” because eventually “they’re all going to go home.” This double standard has never been showcased so blatantly, yet so many people continue to feed into it.  

This truly is a horrifying thing to see.

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