CNN Anchor Skewers Pro-Trump Evangelical For ‘Willful Blindness’

Stephen Strang, author of “God and Donald Trump," praised President Donald Trump's policies, despite his indiscretions, in a lively CNN interview.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota grilled the evangelical author of “God and Donald Trump” on Wednesday, urging him to explain how he can still support President Donald Trump despite reports of infidelity and sexual assault.

Stephen Strang, who is also the founder of Charisma Magazine, is a self-proclaimed Christian and Trump supporter, which almost seems oxymoronic considering all of the unholy acts Trump has been accused of and even admitted to, such as his infamous “grab them by the p***y” remark.

"In order to receive forgiveness, don't you have to confess to your sins," Camerota asked Strang. "Isn't that a tenant of the Bible? I mean, don't you have to own up to these things? You know, Donald Trump famously said he's never asked God for forgiveness."

Noting that the point Camerota brought up is an issue between Trump and God, Strang also maintained that Trump’s policies are what attract him to the president, not necessarily his extracurricular activities.

"He supports the kind of policies that we [evangelicals] think are important," Strang said, noting Trump has become a "champion" of religious rights.

Camerota retorted, "Isn't that a little bit like saying, 'Gosh, I really like Harvey Weinstein's movies, so I'm going to overlook what I know to be true about Harvey Weinstein, and I'm going to support him and give him money for his movies?'"

She asked Strang whether he was practicing “willful blindness” by backing Trump and overlooking all of his indiscretions, which he failed to openly admit.

The two also spoke about the alleged affair Trump had with adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2006, shortly after marrying first lady Melania Trump. Strang insisted that he doesn’t believe Trump has had any extramarital affairs in recent years because he believes that Trump “accepted Christ.”

In a moment of clear contradiction, Strang also criticized Hillary Clinton as being “one of the most corrupt people to ever run for president,” citing the argument that she tried to shame the women who accused her husband, former President Bill Clinton, of sexual misconduct.

Camerota pointed out, however, that Trump is doing exactly the same thing with his accusers and even going as far as to try to prove his innocence by suggesting the women aren’t attractive enough for him to want to have sexual contact with.

Despite Camerota repeatedly pointing out Strang's flawed and hypocritical logic, he would not back down from praising Trump's policies, arguing that they are paramount to everything else. Essentially, Strang's interview demonstrates that politics that further a certain agenda are more important than actually exhibiting Christian values.   

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