Tearful CNN Host: ‘Please Don’t Use The N-Word On My Show’

“If you don’t want to support the alt-right, don’t choose as a White House counselor a man who uses the word nigger,” Charles Kaiser said on CNN.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin gave a verbal lashing to a guest on her show after he suddenly dropped the n-word.

Baldwin was hosting a discussion with Donald Trump supporter Paris Dennard and journalist Charles Kaiser. The trio was arguing whether incoming White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was eligible for the position, when Kaiser used the word “n*****” to explain his point.

Ranting against the hateful, misogynist, racist hypocrites Trump plans to introduce to the cabinet, the journalist said, “If you don’t want to support the alt-right, don’t choose as a White House counselor a man who uses the word n*****. Whose wife says that he did not want his daughters to go to a school with too many Jews. And don’t choose as an attorney general a man who calls the NAACP an un-American organization.”

“I appreciate you going through all of this, but please don’t use the n-word on my show,” said Baldwin, choking up.“It’s not OK, Charles Kaiser.”


Kaiser apologized and defended himself by stating he never used the words, except when he is quoting someone “who has been appointed by the president to serve in the Oval Office, since this is such a disgusting moment in our history.”

Whatever his reasoning might be, he got a lot of backlash for his statement.



Perhaps Kaiser should have censored himself, but by saying the exact words that people like Bannon use, his uncensored words show exactly how unacceptable it is to let them make their way to the White House.

Kaiser’s unabashed use of the word also shows how dire the situation is and it is the job of reputable news networks, like CNN, to ensure that the message gets across to the audience — and not try to edit the truth through some misguided sense of compassion.

"Westworld" actor Jeffrey Wright also slammed Baldwin and said Kaiser had “every right” to use the word “n******.”


Kaiser later did tell The Washington Post he was sorry for misquoting Bannon — apparently he had confused him with Sen. Jeff Sessions, the nominee for attorney general, whom he also referred to in his comments.

However, he did not back down from his original sentiments.

“There’s a part of me that feels you can’t fully express the shocking nature of the first appointments of Donald Trump without using the actual words used by these appointees,” he said.

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