CNN Contributor: Liberals ‘Provoke’ Getting Punched At Trump Rallies

CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord continued to make insane arguments about liberals and the left.

According to CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord, it is in fact liberals who are responsible for the disgusting aggression and violence seen at Trump rallies.

A young black man was being escorted out of a Trump rally on Wednesday when a Trump supporter punched him in the face. The security working the event did nothing to the assaulter, but detained the peaceful protestor.

This is only one out of dozens of incidents of this nature that have occurred at Trump rallies, but the way Lord sees it, it is the liberals who are guilty because their nonviolent protests “provoke” this violence.

In a segment on CNN, “U.S. News & World Report” Senior Politics correspondent David Cantanese said Trump needed to condemn these habitual, brutal displays of violence found at his rallies, but Lord thought otherwise.

“The American left has a long and detailed history of doing exactly this…We are talking about people who show up at rallies — Donald Trump’s or whatever — to provoke. They are in search of violence. That’s what their intention is.”

It’s almost impossible to articulate exactly how stupid Lord’s argument is, but it’s one he is committed to and has made before. During a discussion with White House advisor Van Jones on Super Tuesday, Lord claimed that the Ku Klux Klan was a leftist organization, intended to “further the progressive agenda.”

It is true that, initially, KKK members identified themselves as Democrats; however, the ideologies of the Democratic and Republican Parties of the 1860s were completely antithetical to what they are today.

During the “Southern Strategy” of the late 1800s and 1900s, Republicans knew they could woo Southern Democrats to their party with racist rhetoric, and what each party stood for ultimately shifted. Republican leaders—as recently as 2005!—have explicitly apologized for this tactic that bred the racism in the Republican Party today. This is a history lesson Lord appears to have conveniently forgotten.

Cantanese agreed, calling Lord’s argument “crazy.”

It is mind-boggling that Lord cannot rationalize that protestors go to Trump rallies to denounce the hate, violence, racism, xenophobia, and bigotry he and his supporters spew. 

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